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Quoin Consulting offer a range of Structural Engineering Services in Western Australia. We specialise in offering a range of structural engineering services in the Heritage, Commercial, Residential and Insurance sectors.
Quoin Consulting was formed in 2016 by Martin Silk, a Chartered Structural Engineer and Meenakshi Aggarwal, a Business Management and Human Resources specialist.

Martin comes with over 20 years’ experience in Structural Engineering in the UK and Australia, and has experience on various projects in Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia. After working as a Senior Manager in some of Australia’s most reputed Engineering Consultancies, Martin setup Quoin Consulting in Perth to deliver quality Structural Engineering Solutions.

Meenakshi has a vast range of experience in Business Management and Human Resources including Lean Manufacturing, Business Improvement, Quality Assurance and Organisation Development in Industrial businesses in Australia and India. Meenakshi has managed HR and Quality Assurance portfolios of large and complex organisations and now applies her skills in delivering value to our clients.

Our Strengths

  • Heritage structures – remediation, repair and re-purposing. Our passion is to work in this sector and add lasting value to the history of WA.
  • Design, maintenance and inspection of Residential and Commercial Structures
  • Partnerships – we partner with architects, building surveyors and other industry
    professionals passionate about delivery of quality outcomes for our clients.
    Selection of partners is based on a shared passion for what each project demands and a common
    set of values.
  • Cost control – we believe in minimising cost and maximising value for our clients.
    Our professional advice focuses on how to minimise fees and cost of implementation
    of the works to achieve longer lasting structures within workable budgets.

Our team expanded with the addition of Ian Maitland, award winning heritage engineer with over 45 years’ experience, as a Specialist Heritage Consultant. Formerly operating Maitland Heritage Engineering, we are delighted to have Ian exclusively consulting for Quoin.